Your Moody Sleep Tips

* Get up and go to bed at the same time. 

* In the morning throw open the curtains and bathe in the light to suppress melatonin production to help you wake up, or even get a lamp that mimics dawn light and progression to daylight.

* Practise self-care by getting early nights especially as you approach your period… Remember, the circadian rhythm is ancient; long hours and late nights is a very recent lifestyle.

* In the evening, protect yourself from blue light either by avoiding screens or by wearing special blue-light blocking indoor glasses [many available online for about ten pounds]. I recommend wearing them from around 6 or 7pm for any duration of screen use, even if it’s five minutes on your phone. 

* Turn down bright house lights at least an hour before bed, sticking to dimmed calm light instead.

* If you find it especially hard to wind down, limit social interaction that can wake you up – such as talking on the phone. Try to do these activities in the morning or during the day.

* Relax with a bath or a hot milk drink. Or meditate

* Try the relaxing mineral magnesium and/or the herb Ashwagandha that has been clinically proven to lower stress levels by balancing cortisol (a stress hormone) and may be used as a sleep aid.

* It’s worth investing in blackout blinds to keep all street light out of your bedroom, and make sure any LED light sources are off.

Sleep support supplements

For insomnia try melatonin support Viridian Cherry Night Powder

For serotonin support try Nutri 5 - HTP

For blood sugar stablising + reducing night time snacking try Wild Nutrition Food Grown GTF Chromium & Antioxidants

For wakefulness or restlessness during the night try melatonin supporting Viridian-Organic Valerian Root

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