Moody Month App

Start tracking your moods, hormones and cycle with Moody Month today:

Your personalised support system for every step of your cycle, Moody Month syncs you up with your moods and menstrual cycle, helping you to understand you better.

The more you give Moody Month, the more it gives you. Informed by your cycle, body, feelings and environment, it provides you with a personalised daily feed, packed with insights and tips; from the foods to eat, to the activities that will boost motivation or the effects of the moon's changing energy. Then, a monthly report will identify patterns in your moods, symptoms and the world around you, so you can begin making the most of your moods and hormones.

Moody Month is continually updated, additional options for varying cycle types and new features are coming soon…


Moody Month has an ethical data policy, data is never sold.