About the app

The Moody Month app is a daily health and wellness tracker, that connects women with solutions to support their most common moods and symptoms.

Wellness designed for women’s biology, bodies and cycles.

How it works

Everyday is a new day for our bodies, hormones and minds, check in with yourself daily using Moody Month. 

Receive a forecast of information about what’s happening in your body each day, and learn how to optimise your wellbeing. Get daily mood, food and fitness advice as well as by tracking your moods and symptoms.


Informed by your logs, menstrual cycle, and physical stats, Moody Month is an app that helps you connect with the fluctuations of your hormone cycle and changes in your daily well-being. The more you give Moody Month, the more it gives you.

Your daily feed will provide you with expert information about your unique symptoms, the day’s weather forecast and moon phase, each tailored to which phase of your cycle you’re in.


Women’s bodies have four hormone phases each month, these phases affect energy, focus, pain thresholds, motivation and even sex drive. 

The app provides daily yoga and mindfulness personalised to your changing hormones. 


Daily movement and mindfulness to optimise your biology will unlock a new you.

Your hormones don’t just affect your body and mind, they also affect your metabolism. Moody provides daily nutrition and food tips to give you fuel to supercharge your cycle.

Moody Month App Daily wellness for women, tailored to your cycle.