The Red School

It is a rare thing that you have a chance to interview the people who inspire you.

My role models are lesser known than most and mainly have been working in the wellbeing, hormone or female empowerment space. One such icon is Alexandra Pope. She has been writing about menstruation and the power of your cycle for over 30 years, she now runs an incredible course called The Red School

If you haven’t read her book Wild Power, then grab a copy immediately. Alexandra empowers Women to re connect with their cycle and tap into the power of your natural rhythms. She started her work in the 1970’s when periods were taboo and your cycle was something to hide not understand with pride. I had the privilege of discussing her life’s work and how she feels about the next generation of women using Moody to understand their bodies and minds. 

Where did it all start for you?

30 years ago it started. It’s a funny thing how fate takes it’s course, you don’t wake up and think I am going to make menstruation my business. However, that is exactly what happened. In my 20’s I was a little militant for women taking responsibility for their bodies and natural fertility. The pill became a clear illusion and I became conscious of my cycle for contraception in the 70’s and the book The Wise Wound was a brilliant inspiration. It was just before my 30th birthday and my PMT pain was off the scale, which is when I began to realise there was power in my cycle as a signal. I was very aware of natural therapies and began to explore and heal my body. This is where my first book came from. Out of no where I began to understand my healing and cycle. Listening to my body was key.

How have things changed? 

Back on the 70’s talking about menstruation was political. You were ridiculed or ostracised. It is very exciting to see and find ourselves in the place we are in. It’s very much the time for Women now. Women and men are different and historically women have been an add-on to the male guise. This is changing, it is now time for Women to step out of the male guise and embrace their feminine power. 

Your cycle is your asset. Circadian rhythm is understood now across all medical science as the key to having good sleep. Women have the added benefit of their Menstrual rhythm too, it gives the same insights to health and wellbeing for women. Good rhythm, good wellbeing. There still needs to be a shift in perception for Women and for society to not treat the Menstrual cycle with disgust.

How and what does the Menstrual cycle show us? 

There are some fairly classic things, such as when Women start to pay attention to their menstrual cycle they relax and de stress. Stress is endemic and menstrual cycle awareness is the best tool for managing your personal rhythm. The oxytocin wash does give women a physical soothing a release, this takes the edge of their systems. It restores dignity with their body. Starting with your cycle, allows you to then be more empowered, which reduces the negative impact, which subsequently has a positive impact and reduces stress. You can then access the power of your cycle and the other energy. By being more in tune with your cycle also creates an inner kindness for women. Acceptance of emotions and integrated sense of happy body, happy mind.

What are your top three books to read if you want to harness the power of your cycle?


The Wise Wound by Penelope Shuttle

Her Blood is Gold by Lara Owens

Wild Power by Alexandra Pope and Sjanie Hugo Wurlitzer

If you want to know more about Alexandra or The Red School then visit:

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