The Moody Post-Xmas One-Week Detox

Nothing looks as good as healthy feels – so rebalance your body with a post-xmas, revitalising detox for a sparkly start to the New Year. Lola Ross shares 8 easy tips for a one-week detox.

From detoxifying foods such as mung bean stews and, juice cleanses, or Ayurvedic enemas to ayahuasca rituals … people around the globe have been mind and body detoxing in some shape or form for centuries.

What is detoxification all about and how can it help you?

In a nutshell detoxification therapy means supporting liver detoxification or ‘biotransformation’ of waste products (from food and environmental toxins), for safe and efficient removal out of our bodies via urine, faeces and sweat. We accumulate these waste products from different sources including, foods, pesticides, drinking water, additives, environmental pollution and direct/passive inhalation of tobacco chemicals, to name but a few.

Modern lifestyles can put a lot of stress on our liver; leaving it feeling overworked and underpaid and the outcome of this can show up in our skin, weak immunity and generally feeling less than our best. So, if 2017 has left you feeling a bit overloaded by these internal and environmental toxins, the Moody 7 day detox plan is here to help.

The Moody One-Week Body Detox Plan

Prep is crucial to your successful detox, so plan your shop in advance, make sure that you have all that you need to make it easy for you to stay on track and you should be reaping the rewards of healthier skin, a flatter stomach and a sharper mood in just 7 days.

  1. Stock up on lemons – still going strong, the warm water morning cleanse is a first stop on your detox journey. The lemon juice sort of jumpstarts your liver to initiate digestive function and metabolic processes for the day. So, stock up on some organic lemons, put the kettle on and drink half a cup of warm lemon water every morning upon rising. Don’t forget to rinse your mouth out afterwards in order to neutralise the acid on your teeth and prevent erosion.

  1. Brush your skin – our skin is our largest detoxification organ with over 3100 sq. inches of surface area, which means a lot of space for toxins to be excreted through our sweat. Body brushing increases blood and lymphatic circulation and helps rid the body of toxins. Using a dry bristle brush, brush in upwards strokes towards your heart, before a shower or bath every day.

  1. Get high on spirulina– this vivid blue bacterium found in lakes, is used in detoxification therapy due to its chelating (binding to toxic metals/ substances) ability. Along with the removal of heavy metals that are stored in tissues and cells, spirulina contains a stellar nutritional profile, which may give you more energy and lift your mood. If the pond-water-taste of spirulina doesn’t rock your boat take it as a capsule or add a scoop of powdered form to soups, smoothies and dressings.

Moody loves Pukka Essential Spirulina

  1. Quench your liver – water is an essential part of the detoxification/biotransformation process, removing waste and excess hormones. Tap water is all you need, but use a filter, which removes heavy metals, bacteria and toxins. Brita water filters can do the job, or invest in the excellent Berkey countertop water filtration system, which removes 99% of water impurities. Aim for 1.5litres throughout the day and 2ltrs or so if you are exercising.

Moody loves Berkey Water filter systems

  1. Organic plant foods only – removing animal produce such as milk, meats and fish can reduce youryou levels of exogenous hormones and toxins (found in industrial farming). Try eating vegan for a week and reap the benefits of sparkling eyes, brain clarity and a better mood….

  1. Love your microbiome – research continues to uncover the complex work of the gut bacteria ecosystem - the microbiome. It plays a vital role in keeping us healthy - immunity, weight metabolism, brain function, hormone balance and so much more. However, poor diet, alcohol, sugar and stress can reducereduced your microbiome and this can have an impact on your health. So feed your microbiome with fermented foods such as tofu, tempeh, kefir and raw sauerkrautsaukraut and consider a daily supplement containing a minimum of 20 billion colony-forming units. Moody loves Symprove

Moody loves Symprove

  1. Ditch the alcohol (and other stimulants like coffee/ energy drinks) -after the Xmas excesses, the liver needs a break. Processing these stimulants takes a lot out of the liver and reduces its capacity to perform basic detoxing tasks.  Long-term alcohol consumption literally tires the liver out. You will notice how good you feel not drinking as your liver gets back to working better. Stock up on herbal teas and get some early nights to avoid temptations.

  1. Move your body – no detox plan can leave out daily exercise. The pumping of your heart allows nutrient rich, oxygenated blood to supercharge all of your cells, aid lymphatic drainage, boost sleep hormones and build up red blood cells. And of course if you are aiming to shed a few post Xmas pounds, exercise will help. Download some Barrecore videos to do at home if you can’t face the chilly outside.

*Supplement recommendation:

Biocol Labs Something for a Detox Week

Do not embark on any detox program if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or have serious medical conditions before speaking with your health professional first.