Moody Meets: Christine Pausewang from BioCol Labs

What are your inspirations? 

I find inspiration in many things. There are no concrete go-to places, magazines etc. I keep things open and say 'yes'. 

Life itself gives you plenty of inspiration wherever you look, it’s just up to you to see it and let it inspire you. 

I am super inspired by scientific studies or reading about the structure of Vitamin C (I know, weird ;)). I think nature, the human body and how we work is beautiful and so fascinating. Getting lost in foreign countries, meeting new cultures, new people, that’s pure inspiration.   

Things that are different, unknown, that put me out of my comfort zone. 


Why are vitamins important?

Vitamins are organic compounds our body needs to function properly. They cannot be synthesised by our body (except Vitamin D) thus we need to get them through diet. There are 13 vitamins (4 fat-soluble/ 9 water soluble) and each of them have different functions. Vitamin E for example acts as an antioxidant, without Vitamin A we would not be able to see. 


What is your response to vitamin sceptics?

I think scepticism is natural since knowledge of right nutrients and vitamins has only reached the market and general public in recent years. 

We are sceptic about things we don’t know. On top there is a lot of misleading information out there. 

Vitamins haven’t harmed people or cased disease even if taken in larger quantities. For centuries and in many cultures vitamins have been used to even heal and still are. It’s a shame we are so sceptical about the things our body really needs but we don’t question, at least the majority, the things that really harm us: heavily processed foods and chemically produced toxins we might not even be aware of. 

The fact is we cannot live without vitamins, and unfortunately this is what we see in the world now. We have never been sicker and malnutrition is still found in the highly civilised western countries. But change is happening and i think it is all a question of time and education until we realise that vitamins are not the devil but other things are.


How have you seen a perception change take place?

Definitely. Health food blogs, juice bars on every corner, etc. People are becoming much more aware of the importance of the right nutrition and vitamins and also research and knowledge is reaching mainstream. People are asking the industry the right questions: where is it coming from, how is it made etc. People want to know more. 


What products do you take yourself?

All my own products ☺ we cover the entire spectrum of what you might need. I also sometimes take multivitamins when i travel or when i don’t have access to nutritious food. 


What are your top tips for staying on top of your mood, when you have a bad day? 

Honestly, when I have bad days I just say fuck it. I know myself and I know that on those days i am really useless. So no point for me of trying to cheer me up. 

At the end moods are moods, no point of fighting them. My top tip: Just accept it, order pizza, watch Netflix, be by yourself, go to bed early.   


How have vitamins changed your life?

Proper nutrition just put your life on a whole new level. If you eat right, you are more focused, more energetic, happier, healthier looking etc. Life is just better with vitamins ;)

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