We are a team of women who build technology to support fellow women.

We don’t see moods as liabilities or emotions to mask, but as tools to unlock self-knowledge. We don’t see your bodies’ cycles as a problem to solve, but as an experience to understand.

A better relationship with our well-being in the real world starts with listening and understanding ourselves

Why Moody?

Moody Month syncs you up with your moods and cycle to help you improve your down days and power up your best. 

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This app started out of an experience, and where it is now, is now is due to other women sharing similar stories. 

Tell us yours, we are always building

Moody Month is available in the UK App now


What do I do if my low mood, anxiety or depression persists?
Please always ensure you seek advice from your GP on any ongoing symptoms and continued mood related issues.

See our Directory to find someone to help.
Who do I talk to if I feel I have on-going problems with my hormones?
Speak with your GP, but also try and research a local Endocrinologist. Dr of Hormones or Gynecologist.

See our Directory to find someone to help.
What or who do I talk to if I am having issues with my periods?
Speak with your GP, but also maybe look up your local Gynaecologist.

See our Directory to find someone to help.
Should I take vitamins if I am on prescription medication?
If you are on prescription medication, always seek approval from your doctor before taking any vitamins or supplement.

If you do have any further questions for MOODY, please email us: [email protected]