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What do I do if my low mood, anxiety or depression persists?
Please always ensure you seek advice from your GP on any ongoing symptoms and continued mood related issues.
Who do I talk to if I feel I have on-going problems with my hormones?
Speak with your GP, but also try and research a local Endocrinologist. Dr of Hormones.
What or who do I talk to if I am having issues with my periods?
Speak with your GP, but also maybe look up your local Gynaecologist. You may find this interview with gynaecologist, Ann Henderson, interesting.
Should I take vitamins if I am on prescription medication?
If you are on prescription medication, always seek approval from your doctor before taking any vitamins or supplement.
Why are hormones important?
What do vitamins do and why?
See our interview with Christine Pausewang from Bio Col Labs.

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